Swamp Ghost Trail Cams LLC

The SG-N60 Digitial
6.0 Meg. Cam

This 6.0 Digital Camera has a LCD Screen to view pics and comes in a Waterproof Dust proof Camo Dipped case!
Uses a Nikon 6.0 Digital Camera.
Smallest cam out there!
Dimensions are 6"L x 4-1/2"W x 2-1/8"D

Look at all the Features and accessories:

New Trailing mode feature that keeps the camera powered on and ready for 30 seconds after the first picture is taken with instant trigger technology! Don't miss that big buck that is on the heels of that hot doe! If no movement is sensed after 30 seconds, the camera powers down and is ready for the next event! Great on trails! Can be turned off for regular cam operation!

8 Delays between pictures from 15 seconds to 30 minutes!
Dip switch setting printed inside the case!
Double or Single picture Mode!
Video Mode (10 or 20 second Clips)!
Day, Night or 24 Hour Operation!
Month,Day,Year and Time imprinted on each Picture!
A/V Cable to view Pictures on the TV!
Camera has 7mb internal memory!
Takes a removeable SD memory Card! Sold Seperately.
This 6.0 Digital Camera has an 1 1/2 inch LCD Screen to view pics while in the woods! No waiting until you get home to see whats on your cam!
USB cables to connect the camera to your computer!
Super Bright Flash
Python Cable Lock Included!
Camera will take 700+ pics on Two AA batteries!!
Sensor runs one one 9v Battery for up to 9 Months
Uses a heat in motion Sensor that reaches out 45 to 50 feet.
One year Limited warranty against defects!
Camera is removeable for everyday use!

             Price is $425.00

6.0 Digital Camera with LCD Screen to view pics

Price: $425.00       Out Of Stock