13 Amazing Tips for a More Successful Whitetail Deer Hunt

Getting ready for the deer season requires extending your deer hunting knowledge. No matter how long you have been hunting, there is always a new thing to learn and room for improvement of your skills. Are you getting ready for this year’s deer season? These simple yet very effective tips will make your whitetail deer hunting a success.

#1: Learn the nature of the whitetail deer

It is important that you know the animal before you go hunting it. This includes knowing its characteristics, its routine, habitat, and its defense. A whitetail has an exceptional sense of smell and can detect danger from miles away. You will, therefore, need to hunt scent-free or else lose your target.

#2: Having the right equipment

The most commonly used hunting equipment is the bow, muzzleloader, and the rifle. If you want to become a skilled deer hunter, you need to practice using these tools. You can train in all the three then settle for one you are good at and comfortable with.

#3: Find the best location

Bow hunting a deer is a game of inches, an inch difference can determine whether you will get that deer or not. Search for a location that will give you the best chance at hunting the deer. Once you have found an ideal location, set up your climbing tree stand and you are set to go.

#4: Placing the tree stand
Take all the variables of your hunting stand location into consideration when choosing your stand height. Do not hunt too low; they will either see or smell you. But do not hunt too high either as you will limit your target location because of the very steep shooting angle. Always keep in mind where the buck will be coming from. This helps determine the ideal height for your tree stand. For example, you may set up at 15 feet off the ground, but if the deer is coming over a hill which is close to your location, that is not high enough.

#5: Make sure your tree stand is safe
Make sure you are tied off with an approved hunting safety harness system. Also, make sure that you choose a tree strong enough to support your weight. In case you hunt from a permanent stand, make sure you take a good look at it every year to make sure that the connections to the tree are still secure.

#6: Clear all your shooting lanes
Ensure you prune your shooting lanes. Always bear in mind that bowhunting is a game of inches. One inch lower and you will hit that branch you should have pruned, one inch higher and your arrow hits the target. If you do not prune your lanes you will miss or only wound the animal.

#7: Do not get discovered entering or leaving your tree stand
Be cautious enough to not be discovered entering or leaving your tree stand. Avoid walking in groups, clamping the feet when walking, chit chatter and any other behaviors that could make you noticeable.

#8: Pre-determine your shooting distance

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There are plenty of good rangefinders on the market today. Some even measure the shooting angle from your tree stand. You do not have to wait until the buck comes to sight to determine the correct shooting yardage. With the range finder, find locations of various objects in the areas that will be shooting locations. Alternatively, you can use a tape measure for the same when placing your stand. Use natural objects such as a small log to mark these locations as opposed to highly visible marking tape that may alert a deer.

#9: Make use of funnels to find ideal locations for your tree stand
A funnel refers to any naturally occurring feature that the deer uses for movement in an area. This can be ridges, benches, saddles, gullies and much more. Identify these features in your hunting area as they will provide more predictable areas of deer movement to establish your shooting lanes.

#10: Utilize natural cover to keep yourself concealed
Try finding a tree stand location that has natural cover behind your location from a deer’s viewpoint. A single tree with you showing from the sides is not an ideal location. If possible, make your body blend in with the natural cover that is behind you.

#11: Use lures and calls the right way
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Using some unique deer scent such as urine can be an effective lure. This, however, may not be effective all the time. Avoid making more than necessary calls. It may give away your spot, and the deer will stay away from the location, giving you a hard time shooting at it.

#12: Intense concentration
This is not merely focusing on the target and the bow, but tuning into everything around you. From the direction of the wind, the way the bow is held, movement of the deer just to name a few. Align everything by concentrating and you will take that whitetail home with you. The longer you sit in your blind or stand, the better the chance you have of seeing and bagging a deer.

#13: Practice, Practice, and Practice
No one mastered an art by the first trial. Do not give up if you are not successful in a hunt. Show up the next day and try your luck again. Practice using a target at different distances, heights, terrains and weather conditions. Always practice wearing the exact gear to be used during the real hunting. If you practice without gloves or with thin gloves but wear heavy gloves during the hunt, the practice will be of no benefit.

How do you plan on hunting a whitetail deer this season? Either you prefer hunting from the ground, or a tree stand to make use of the above tips for a safe, enjoyable and successful deer hunting season. Whether hunting using a rifle, muzzleloader or bow, remember it is important that you secure a deer hunting license before the hunt. What are you waiting for? Choose that ideal location set it up and enjoy your successful whitetail hunt this season!


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