wild hog hunting

Hog Hunting: Get all your wild hog and boar information right here. Lots of articles to help you with hog hunting equipment, gear and weapons to nail that wild boar. And check out our experts in the messageboard forum. We have some real experts all willing to help and always friendly. So why not join us! Could be the best hog hunting move you ever make.

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Wild Hog Hunting

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Wild Hog Picture of the Day
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This section is all about wild boar hunting. You will find hog hunting pictures, hog hunting articles, video clips, hunting tips and more. Don't forget to check out the message board!
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Todays Featured Article

Waiting For A Trophy

I recently had a discussion with a fellow hog hunter and friend over a hunt that he had been on. He told me of how he had planned to harvest a boar that could be mounted but became frustrated early in the hunt and decided to settle for a few average size meat hogs. It seems the temptation to take a shot on hogs that presented themselves was too much for him to handle.    Read more!

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