Jimmy Robinson Gets Addicted

Hello, My name is Jim Robinson. I want to tell you of a fine Turkey hunt here in the great state of Mississippi. I have been Turkey hunting a few years but I have never taken a bird. This year I took three. I love to write stories and I love to hunt so I thought I would combine the two.

Using a slate call I bagged a nice two-year-old. He was part of a pair of birds I had missed earlier in the year. I named them the terror twins. He looked to be the bigger bird but he wasn't doing the gobbling. Needless to say his brother got him killed.

In the middle the season, I found myself in the woods before daylight. I listened as a bird gobbled southeast of my position. I decided he was to far to go to. Another bird opened up due north of me. Still too far. As the day brightens no other gobbles came. Disappointed, I waited. Twenty minutes later, nothing. So I decided to ease through the woods.

I had been practicing a mouth call for over a month. It was time to give it a try. About hundred yards into my journey I found myself on a hardwood ridge. West, At the bottom of the ridge was a creek. Sixty yards beyond that more hardwoods. Beyond the hardwood bottom it opened up in to a small growned up field. I caught movement in the field but could not tell what it was. Using my mouth call, I yelped. The movement did not answer me but beyond him a thunderous gobbled echoed the still day. I was standing still but you would have thought I was running a marathon. My breathing increase to hyperventilating speed. My heart rate was at a dangerous level.

"He answered me!!" I thought to myself. "He really answered me!!!"

This has got to be the dumbest turkey in the world. I didn't think I was that good with the call. I waited about three minutes, I yelped again. He answered again. He sounded closer. I made my way down the ridge and crossed the creek. I found a big oak tree and sat down. He gobbled on his own as I was getting settled.

"This bird is Hot!" I thought.

I placed my 870 Express on my knee. I watched as a Doe and two yearlings browse on my right on the edge of the field. After not hearing a gobble for a few minutes, I yelped. He cut me off and he was closer! A lot closer. He sounded like he was across the small field, just inside the woods. The deer looked up towards the turkey. They made their way away from the gobbler. They disappeared into the woods. I waited a few more minutes, nothing.

"Should I yelp, again?" I wondered.

I was about to yelp again when I saw movement coming from the tall weeds. Two turkeys showed up. They got to wood line and stopped. Unsure of themselves, they strutted around trying to get the hen to show herself. After a few minutes the gobblers started walking along the wood line.

I had to do something or they were going to get away. At this point the birds were about sixty yards away. A bit to far for me. Just like the pros, I yelped my series of three yelps covering my mouth. The birds stopped in their tracks. They started my way, slowly.

Bird number one went right. Bird number two was heading straight for me. At forty yards number two stopped. My bead was on him as he stood as still as a statue. I had lost track of number one. I was about to take the bird when I caught movement to my right. Number one had came out from behind a tree in full strut. He was ten yards away! Bingo. He stopped when he saw my gun barrel move to him. Too late.

He had an 11" Beard and 1 5/16" spurs. He was a monster to me. I know alot of people have taken bigger but who cares. He is my second bird and my trophy. I think Turkey hunting has replaced Deer hunting as my favorite sport.

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