How The Moon Affects Animals

The moons affects on life here on earth is a subject that is surrounded in many myths and beliefs that are often false and not rooted in fact. But without question the moon does have an extremely important role to plan in life on planet earth. Here I will try to shed some light on the issue.

Sex. A core activity surrounding all life is sex and procreation, without it all life would soon vanish. Animals and even us have an undeniable connection sexually with the cycles of the moon. It is not a coincedence that a woman menstrual cycle is about the same length as a lunar cycle.

Many wild animals have an even closer connection with the moon. Here is a short list of facts.

1. LIFE ITSELF! It is though by scientist today that life would not have ever arose on earth had it not been for the affect of tides caused by the moon

2. SEX! Many animals breed according to the moon cycles. For example coral reef animals often exhibit lunar or semi-lunar periodicity in their breeding. Meaning they spawn once every lunar cycle usually at the full moon or if not then twice during every lunar cycle at full and new moon.

Gamefish are also noted to spawn according to the moon phase. Not meaning that they spawn once every lunar cycle 29.5 days roughly, but instead if they spawn in the spring then peak spawn time will fall on a certain moon cycle in the spring such as a full moon.

The correlation is stongest in sealife since they have tides to contend with which if not syncronized with spawning would doom the eggs. Freshwater species such as bass and sunfish don't have tides to contend with because they are in much smaller bodies of water but they still coordinate spawning activity around lunar cycles.

3. FEEDING! Biologist at Northwestern in Chicago had some live oysters from Connecticut. Oysters open and feed accordig to the tides. After moving the oysters it was observed that the oysters shifted their feeding times to corespond to when the high tides (moon overhead and underfoot) would occur in Chicago if it were in the ocean.

Deer collard by Texas Tech University biologist Steve Demarais and whitetail management consultant Bob Zaiglin were monitored for three years in South Texas. They also found that the deer were most active when the moon was overhead or underfoot. The correlation isn't as strong as with oysters because there are other factors to consider with deer that oysters are shielded from such as interaction with predators or weather such as rain or high winds etc.

So in conclusion the moon does have a tremendous affect on most life on earth. Learn to use its influences to your advantage when out enjoying our woods and waters. You will be a more successful hunter and fisher if you do.

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