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Predator Hunting: A different breed! Predator hunters are simply put different than other hunters. Sure there are many aspects that are the same such as the use of calls and camo but there are many aspects to predator hunting that are pretty unique.

Things such as legally night hunting. Not everywhere but that is common enough with hunting predators to be worth mentioning. Also with animals such as deer and rabbit etc. the one goal is food. With predators you can substitute fur or hides for meat. Not that no predators are eaten, just hide or fur more often tops that on the list of predator hunting goals for a particular hunt.

Whatever your reasons, whatever your goals, they have brought you to my humble abode. So take a look around I hope you find what you are looking for. And predator hunting articles contributions or predator pictures are always encouraged and welcome.

Todays Featured Article

Mississippi Cougar Caught on Video

I have been searching for proof of cougars in the east and finally it has arrived!!! The video is hard to make out but to me the movements of this animal clearly show that this is a cougar and not a coyote or anything else. Hoping to get the original video tape so I can record it at a higher resolution.    Read more!

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This section is all about predators and predator hunting, On this section of the website you can find pictures ranging from Alligators all the way to bobcats and coyotes. Also lots of predator hunting articles, video clips, hunting tips and special hints. Also don't forget to check out the message board.
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