Proof: Cougar Caught In Tulsa

Tulsa Oklahoma cougar Luke Roberst saw a cougar in his back yard and called police. This happened at 1 p.m. Saturday, April 23, 2011 just before Easter Sunday. Officials shot the cougar with two tranquilizer darts the cougar climbed and jumped out of the tree and ran away. It was tracked down however and was taken to the Tulsa Zoo to be evaluated and treated.

Thank goodness they didn't shoot the cougar after it came down out of the tree. Treed cougars never attack and only want to escape. After being drugged the cougar feel endangerd up in the tree when it starts to feel woozy so they usually exit the tree and are shot out of fear of someone getting hurt. Attacking is the last thing they want to have to do. Luckily the police didn't kill this one this time.

So another cougar confirmation in Oklahoma! Picture credit goes to Dre Dabars off of the website.

Update: The cougar was a female and the DNA confirm that it was from the South Dakota region, not South America which means it was most likely a totally wild never held in captivity cougar.

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