Mooneye - Hiodon tergisus

The mooneye is a small fish, usually reaching 12 inches in length and 1 pound in weight with the max weight being about 3 pounds. It has a flattened body that is silvery in color. It has large eyes, a short snout and teeth on the tongue and on the roof of the mouth.

The mooneye is found in waters from south-central Canada though most of the Great Lakes Basin, the St. Lawrence River, and the Lake Champlain drainage basin and down through the Mississippi River basin.

The mooneye eats a wide variety of organisms including insects, shrimp, small fish, and mollusks.

A similiar species is the Goldeye. Best ways to distinguish between the two is the mooneyes dorsal fin begins before its anal fin; whereas, the anal fin of the goldeye starts at the same place as the dorsal fin.

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