Anglerfish - Lophius americanus

Anglerfish are also know as Goosefish, and Monkfish or simply Angler. The scientific name is Lophius americanus, range from the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence to around Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The are most frequently caught in depths of about 200 feet deep although they can sometimes be caught much deeper.

The Anglerfish is an evil looking fish. Anglerfish appear to be almost entirely mouth with some wicked teeth to boot. Females grow a faster and live slightly longer than the males.

18 pound anglerfish / monkfish Interestingly there is a similiar species of Anglerfish that lives on the Eastern side of the Atlantic that grow to much larger sizes. Can you image one of these ugly things growing to 100 pounds??? They do! And have even been know to eat birds.

Anglerfish reach maturity between 3 or 4 years of age. Spawning takes place from spring all the way through early fall. When is largely dependant of the latitude of the fish. Anglerfish grow rapidly and can live for more than a decade but the males anglerfish don't live this long or grow as large. Anglerfish are ferocious predators and feed on fishes and other prey which at time could be almost as big as themselves.

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