Poison Sumac

Poison Sumac Toxicodendron vernix is a shrub or small tree growing to as much as 25 feet tall but 8-10 would be more common. It is most common in the eastern part of the United States with its western boundry being Texas.

Poison Sumac can be found scattered across the eastern United States. It grows in peat bogs and swamps. To identify Poison Sumac, look for the fruit that grows between the compound leaves and the branch. Similar looking but nopoisonous sumacs have fruit growing from the ends of the branches.

As the name implies this tree is poisonous. All parts of the tree cause skin irratation similiar to poison ivy only stronger. Many people that don't get poison ivy will still show a strong reaction to poison sumac.

Many kinds of wildlife, such as quail, pheasants, grouse, and rabbits feed on the fruit.

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