Whitetail Deer Food Plots, Food Plot Infomation and Seed

Do you want to improve your deers habitat with whitetail deer food plots so that you can grow larger antlered deer? Click on the links below. They will provide you with the products and seed that have been proven effective in producing better the results you are looking for. Growing food plots is the best way to produce larger, healthier animals while increasing the number of deer you see.

Wild plants have usually no more than 10 - 12 percent protein. When you offer wild animals a food source that provides significantly more protein they will favor that source over others. Thats why food plots are so effective. Many of the mixes or plants available here average over 22 percent crude protein with some reaching an unbelievable 38 percent range when the soil is prepared properly.

Deer food plots also can greatly increase the amount of deer that the land can support if it provides food during the winter months. Even if you only plant summer or fall plantings it will still reduce the pressure on the foods that will be supporting the deer in the later winter.

If you want to improve your hunting success then here you have links that will point you to the materials you need to get started with deer food plots on your land.

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