Big Georgia Buck

Georgia Buck

This deer was taken from Dublin, Ga. in Laurens County, from the pictures you can tell it was one of those cool October mornings and the wind was wind blowing around 20 to 30 MPH. Fincher was camoed up and trying to fight off the wind. He was using one of the original Doe in Heat can calls. This call got the buck up off the ground, as he moved from the thick brush around 8:50 am and into an opening. Fincher knew from the body he was a big deer, as his big rack appeared from behind the limbs he started getting prepared for the kill. The deer got about 90 yards away when he took the shot. The Browning Bolt Action 270, using 130 grain Hornady shells did the trick. The deer is a 9 point and field dressed an incredible 285 lbs.


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