Buck Stuck in a Tree

What happened here????

Number One

What kind of tree is that and how much do they cost?

Honourable Mention
  • New breed of fast growing trees do have their drawbacks!
  • Deer do grow on trees!
  • How do you know when they are ready to pick!
  • Man the deer are jumpy around here!
  • When the acorns don't drop, you have to go to them.
  • I always thought deer had self-pride but that buck is plain STUCK UP!
  • TODO, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!
  • Those darn squirrels make it look so easy!!!
  • The Buck stops here!
  • Bucky! Look out for that tree! (George of the jungle)
  • Guys, GUYS, GUYS!!! This isn't funny anymore!
  • Oh come on guys this is getting embarrassing!!!!
  • I will give you a "BUCK" if you help me down.
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This buck actually jumped from a cliff and became wedged in the fork of this tree. The buck was sedated and extracted by firefighters. Unfortunately the buck was found dead the following day, apparently from internal injuries.
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