Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda (Spyraena barracuda) The Barracuda is a curious fish often following and investigating divers at rigs and reefs. Barracuda have unique dental work. The teeth appear randomly placed but all Barracuda have the exact same dental arrangement. There long needlelike teeth actually each have their own hole on the opposing jaw to fit into, thus allowing the Barracuda to close its mouth. This design allows the Barracuda to grab its prey with little chance of it escaping.

Barracuda are found worldwide in tropical waters. There are six seperate species, the largest being the Great Barracuda! In the Atlantic the Great Barracuda ranks as the No.1 carrier of ciguatera poisoning. Although most fish don't carry the toxin.

Great Barracuda

Barracuda are hard fighting gamefish that don't come to gaff easily. On the East Coast Barracuda are often sight-casted to. But in Louisiana they are most often caught at oil rig using live bait or by trolling.

Key Notes and Tips:
*Small fish are forage for the Great Barracuda!
*Spoons and diving plugs such as the rapala are some of the more common artificial used to catch Barracuda in Louisiana.
*Barracuda prefer bright colored lures such as hot pink and orange and yellow.
*Barracuda are attracted to the disturbance made by your motor or by divers. Divers are often greeted by a giant cuda staring them in the face as they first plunge into the waters around oilrigs. Can be quite erie!
*Here is a photo of Barracuda   Our First Cuda

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