Large Alligator Gar Picture

large alligator gar picture
My name is Santos Sustaita. I'm from Edcouch,Tx in the Rio Grande Valley. This fish was caught July 18th 2003. A week prior to that I caught a 7ft. 5in. 290lb. gar. Both were caught in Delta Lake north of Edcouch, Tx. I used a 10ft. heavy duty ugly stick with 60 lb. monofilament line attached to a #6/0 nickel plated swivel. I used a 60 twine size nylon seine rope as a leader( 3ft.) with a #4/0 mustad treble hook using a large piece of carp for bait.

After viewing several websites on alligator gar, I've realized I've been close to beating the Texas state record several times and now want to break the world record.


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