Alligator Gar

On May 3 Stafford was fishing in the Mississippi River when he hooked a 215-pound alligator gar. He fought the gar for more than an hour before landing the monster alligator gar.

He weighed the fish later at the Natchez Seafood Company where the owner Steve Satchfield contacted Mississippi DWF.

Fisheries Biologist John Skains, and Icthyologist Dr. Todd Slack positively identified the species, witnessed the certified weight, and photographed the fish.

The big gar measured a half inch shy of 8 foot when measured from snout to tail and had a girth of 41 inches.

If offical tests on the line Stafford submitted confirm that it is 50-pound test, Earl will be recognized as the world record holder for the 50-pound line class for alligator gar. Earl's fish is being mounted for display at the Natchez Seafood Company.

The fish will also be the Mississippi state record.

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