Louisiana Goes No-Compliant!!! Red Snapper!

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Louisiana Goes No-Compliant!!! Red Snapper!

Postby omegaman66 » 03 May 2012, 18:08

The Commission voted, YES, on Louisiana fixing it's own 2013 season for Red Snapper.

Season and limits haven't been set but 3 fish per day FRI/SAT/SUN For a number of months is a rumor going around.

But that is far from a home run as state waters only extend out 3 miles.

The LDWF could have moved that to just a bit over 10 miles but didn't because of Mile Voisin's silent opposition to suspending the rules for a vote.

The best news is that this will be added to the agenda for next month and I would expect it to pass.

But of course I didn't expect this to pass and it did. Fingers crossed.

Read more.. (http://www.thejump.net/blog/index.php?/archives/269-Louisiana-Goes-No-compliant-On-Red-Snapper-In-2013.html)
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