Saltwater Alligators???

I have heard of saltwater crocidiles but never saltwater alligators!!! This picture is really amazing.

These photographs were take at an offshore oil rig off the Louisiana coast. And not just any rig! But one way offshore in 550 foot of water! Block 93 is about 27 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River.

The first picture is a little ways away from the alligator so that you can see where it is, with the oil rig in the background. The next two pictures are close ups of the alligator and just look at how clear that water is!!! Looks like this poor thing has lost its way. This alligator was about 8 foot long so helping out wasn't really an option.

block 93 alligator

Louisiana Alligator far offshore

close up of the lost gator

I would like to thank Capt. Chris Wanko of Delta Dawn Charters for allowing me to use his photos for this page!


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