A deer hunting story - Year 1995 (three years after Hurricane Andrew) place ATTAKAPAS ISLAND WMA. Terrain -Thick and rough as heck, cold in the swamps.

While returning from a morning hunt I found HUGE deer tracks left on a remote trail. I studied these tracks and made my mind up that this had to be the monster of a lifetime. I hunted this area with a passion for the remainder of the season and passed all small bucks thinking the monster would appear at any moment. All in desperation as I never saw him the remainder of the year but did continue to see the extremely large tracks.

The next year (1996) I was pleasently supprised to find these tracks again prior to the season. I hunted this place extensively seeing many animals but no monster. On some given days groups of deer would pass as they were extremely socialable and just hang around the area. I did notice that several of these groups would come by the portable stand but quite frequently one old long horn spike would always appear by himself usually using a completely different route than the large groups.

I tried everything I knew at the time like different approaches, scents, different time of the day hunts including all day hunts, etc, but with no luck. On the second to last day of the season after taking a lot of ribbing because I had not kill that year, I decided to take the first buck I saw regardless of the monster tracks that keep appearing. I had almost concluded I was hunting a ghost.

The old longhorn spike came walking through the area and I shot him. After getting down from my stand and observing the wierd spikes (they looked like knife blades and almost touched in the middle) I noticed the front two feet were completely deformed.

Yea you got it - Club feet - and the hoofs were about twice the size of a normal deer. After taking a lot of joking from the group I hunt with because they also came to the conclusion that this was the deer I had been hunting almost extensively for two years. The deer horns still hang in my den for a conversational purposes.

Can wait for this season to start although I have no known monster to hunt. - Happy Hunting to all!

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