Blind Date!

Many years ago I went through a divorce with the wife from HELL! A few months after we separated (thankfully it was at the start of deer season), I spent numerous days in the woods chasing my favorite quarry, whitetails with my bow. I made a hunt in Texas on a friends private property and ended up staying almost two weeks.

This property had a river (what we in Louisiana would call a stream) running through it and we hunted from pinion oaks, very short and scraggly oak trees that grew along the stream banks.

It was a meca of wildlife activity. Flocks of turkeys proceeded to file past me every day! Deer by the dozens. I could only shoot a rack that extended past the ears so I watched buck after buck walk by oblivious to my presence. Imagine seeing 6-10 bucks in a group, spikes to eight points, and none of them shooters. I finally killed a six that cleared the ears and I spent the few days chasing and shooting javlina with my bow. Killed two of the ornery and stinking little devils.

When I got home, my party freinds had all been trying to get in touch with me. We all got together for a BBQ at my place and my freind told me he had a blind date set up for me with a colledge girl that was a freind of his girlfreinds.

Needless to say, I was a little bit leary, especially when he told me that she was absolutely gourgeous! That is usually an instant redflag that she may be considered that good looking, maybe in Mongolia! Well I had no date lined up so I said "How bad could it be?"

We all met up at a restaurant and bar to eat and have drinks before going dancing. I walked in and was flabbergasted! She really was a looker! And built very nicely! "Well this ain't going to be half bad!"

To make things even better, all my freinds and their dates were there also! I was silently thinking that "Hey, this little lady with the long blonde hair and blue eyes can't do anything but improve my social standings"!

We all found a place in the bar while waiting for a dining table large enough for us all to become available. The subject within the group quickly changed to my favorite subject, my recent hunt!

Well half-way through the oral rendetion of the hunt and stalks, my beautiful date jumps up and starts in on me about killing defensless little animals! I asked her how defensless can a javelina with tusks actually be?

I tried to explain to her about wildlife management, overpopulation and the fatal diseases it can cause, all to no avail!

She then went into a tirade about anti-hunting, killing, etc, for about 15 minutes NON-STOP!

When she finally ran out of breath, she asked me, "after all that, why do you kill animals?"

Being totally aggravated and knowing our relationship was going nowhere, I looked her straight in the eyes and told her "Because it is against the law to shoot ignorant, uninformed, left wing, bleeding heart liberals like yourself!" The bar got so quiet you could have heard a pin drop! Needless to say, our date was over, she left huffing and puffing, mumbling something about stupid rednecks, and never looked back.....

Needless to say, the night turned out to be a lot fun after she left and I met a nice little redheaded cowgirl from the country and we danced all night!

Rajun Cajun

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